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Here you will be able to submit a ban for a player who is breaking the rules of the gameserver. When submitting a ban we request you to fill out all the fields to be as descriptive as possible in your comments. This will ensure that your ban submission is processed much faster.

For a short explination on how to create a demo, click here

Ban Details:
Players SteamID:
Players IP:
Players Nick Name*:
(Please write down a descriptive comment. So NO comments like: "hacking")
Your Name:
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Upload demo:
Note: Only DEM, ZIP, RAR, 7Z, BZ2 or GZ allowed.
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What happens if someone gets banned?
If someone gets banned, the specific STEAMID or IP will be included in this SourceBans database and everytime this player tries to connect to one of our servers he/she will be blocked and will receive a message that they are blocked by SourceBans.

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